Manufacturing range

Force and torque measurement

Measurement standards for force and torque with accuraccy 0,5 and 1%.
Classiffied force sensors in shape of pancake CL14, rode CL15, CL 16 or CL18 are available in range from 5 N up to 5 MN. In configuration with force meter CL 363 or force meter CL 570D they fulfill a purpose of force measurement standards.
Classiffied torque sensor CL 22 are available in range from 5 Nm up to 5 KNm. In configuration with force meter CL363D or CL570D they fulfil a purpose of torque measurement standards.
Force sensors for processing lines, measurement of force and stresses in ropes and for other measurement needs in range 1N up to 3 MN.

Weight measurement

Weight measurements in range from 0,5 kg up to 500 ton. Systems applicable by proccessing, contents of tanks and containers, in conveyor scales and other atypical weight systems.

Angle measurement

In range up to 360º with resolution 0,1º by use of resolving or optical rotation sensors
Control-measurement systems recording big objects with electrical
and non-electrical parameters, testing machines, processing centres

Pressure measurement

Pressure sensors in range 10 kPa up to 500 MPa
Indirect force measurement
Force hydraulic systems
Pneumatic systems
Pressure systems
Injection pressure

Displacement measurement

Linear displacement with inaccuracy ≤0,5% with LVDT sensors or higher accuracy using opto-electronic edges.
Industrial linear measurements in range 0 ÷ 2 m, band up to 500/200 Hz
and inaccuracy below 0,5%.
Quick-changing measurements in range ± 1 mm and band up to 20 kHz