Aircraft industry

Measurement of parameters in helicopter reaction engine. CL 1+ CL 100 + Program TW


  • Military Aircraft Plants Dęblin - test house

Automotive industry

Force measurement on brake pedal CL 23/ CL23M.
Measurement and recording of braking decelaration CL 170.
Precise pressure measurement in tires CL 175.
Light transmission in tinted car windows CL 176.
Controlling of inertial brake in trailers up to 5 t WN 500.


  • Industrial Institute for Motorisation - measurement of pressure, temperature, force, torque and rotation speed in testing lab
  • Institute for Transportation Warszawa - force measurement in brake testing stands in MOTs
  • Faurecia Grójec - force measurement on tensile testing machine
  • Suspension spring manufacturer - force and displacement measurement by testing suspension springs
  • Garage equipment distributor - measurement systems and software for controlling vehicles suspensions
  • Volkswagen Poznań - serial force measurement on brake pedal

Calibration of measurement equipment - Clasified force and torque standards

Calibration of operational force meters and testing machines.
Force measurement systems.
Testing and adjustment of torque wrenches.


  • Weights and Measures Central Office Warsaw - force standards
  • Regional WMO Warsaw - force standards
  • Regional WMO Szczecin - force standards
  • Regional WMO Katowice - force standards
  • WZL 2 Aerospace Bydgoszcz - force standards
  • ZETOM Katowice - force and torque standards
  • PZL Aerospace Świdnik - force standards
  • Screw Manufacturing Strażow - force standards

Industrial automatics - Force or pressure analog measurement

Measurement and conversion of signals from strain gage force sensors.
Measurement and conversion of signals from strain gage pressure sensors.


  • Michelin Poland in OlsztynMeat Plant HAM in OżarowiceOperating Technology Institute RadomGodula Moto Sport

Industrial automatics - Force or pressure measurement using microprocessor instruments

Measurement and conversion of signals from strain gage pressure or force sensors.


  • PZL Aerospace Industries Warsaw
  • Partec Cargotec Polska
  • Boiler Factory RAFACO

Industrial automatics - Measurement of fast-changing forces or pressures

Measurement and conversion of fast-changing signals from strain gage pressure or force sensors.


  • Industrial Automatics and Drives (APIN) Zabłudów
  • Metalplast Poznań
  • Electrolux Poland Siewierz

Industrial automatics - Measurement of temperatures up to 1500ºC

Measurement and conversion of electrical signals from thermocouples (from 1to N sensors synchronous).


  • Technical Military Academy Warsaw
  • Automotive Research Institute Warsaw
  • Locomotive Shed LHS Zamość Bortatycze

Industrial automatics - Measurement of temperatures up to 200ºC

Measurement and conversion of electrical signals from thermo-resistive sensors Pt100, Pt1000, Ni 100 (from 1 up to 11sensors synchronous).


  • Automotive Research Institute Warsaw
  • Spair Parts Plant Eaton Truck Components Tczew

Power industry - Displacement measurement

Force and displacement measurement on wicket gates in water-power plant.
Displacement measurement of compensation boiler structure in power plant.


  • Power Plant Turów
  • Power Plant Bełchatów
  • Power Engineering Institute in Warsaw
  • Technical University Białystok
  • Technical University Radom

Processing industry - Weight measurement by microprocessor instruments

Weighing materials in tanks.
Weighnig on platforms.
Weighnig concrete.


  • Measurements and Automatisation Enterprises Meskon Katowice
  • Manufacturing - Trading Plant Road Włoszczowa
  • PPHU Transbet Biała Podlaska

Processing industry - Weight measurement in belt conveyor flight scales

Weighing of substance on belt conveyor scale.


  • Sugar Beet Rising Straszków
  • Sugar Beet Rising Śmiłów
  • Chemical Plant in Police City
  • Measurements and Automatisation Enterprises Meskon Katowice

Processing industry - Weight measurement using analog devices compatible with PLC programmers

Weighnig in tanks.
Weighing on platform (e.g. weight of plane).


  • Military Aircraft Plants Dęblin
  • Mera Technik. Building Automatics
  • Soda Plant Janikosoda in Janikowo

Pylon bridges & rope systems - Invasive measurement of rope tension – analog way

Rope tension controlling on pylon bridges .


  • The Road and Bridge Research Institute - force measurement of rope tension using force sensor 10MN on the Siekierkowski Bridge in Warsaw
  • Central Mining Institute - testing stand for ropes resistance

Railway engineering

Measurement of electric energy consumption in locomotives CL 142.
Measurement of electric energy consumed by combustion locomotives with electric transmission, measurement of worktime in power transmission system, measurement of worktime in combustion engine CL 143.
Locomotives’ forces measurement CL 15K.
Force measurement in connectors of point machines CL 19.
Fuel consumption measurement in combustion locomotives for monitoring of fuel quantity in tank and for optimisation of fuel consumption CL 400.
Testing stand for combustion locomotives - recording of electrical and nonelectrical parameters, visualisation, outprint and data aquisition. Fuel consumption measurement.

Satelite communication

Strain gage system for mechanism spreading communication satellite antenna.


  • Astrium, Germany - strain gage system responsible for spreading communication antenna in space

Shipyard industry

Static measurement of list degree of watercrafts.
List indicator allows precise and one-person measurement of list angle of yacht or ship in a short time against time consuming and less precise traditional methods.
Device can be used also for determining centre of gravity in watercraft and safe shipment zones. CL 391P.


  • Polish Ship Register Gdynia - tests stand for exemining list of watercrafts