CL72-3U - Transducer amplifier

Transducer amplifier CL72-3U can be integrated in strain gauge sensor housing or can be offer as an independent amplifier in housing.

  • accuracy: 0,02%  of nominal range
  • power supply 24 Vdc
  • sensor voltage supply 5 V 
  • voltage output 10V
  • operating temperature range from -40°C up to 85°C

CL72-3I - Transducer amplifier

Transducer amplifier CL72-3I can be integrated in a strain gauge sensor housing or can be offer as an independent amplifier in housing.

  • accuracy: 0,02% of nominal range
  • power supply 24 Vdc
  • sensor voltage supply 5 V or current supply 2 mA
  • current output 0 - 20 mA
  • operating temperature range from 40°C up to 85 °C

CL 100P - Precise measuring amplifier

  • Working direct with single transducer or with several using terminal box
  • Vibration resistant, dust and splash proof
  • Transmission band:  200 Hz 
  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC

CL 10D - DIN 35 amplifier

  • signal gaining from a single strain gage sensor
  • mountabe on a DIN 35
  • temperature range: -25 ÷ 65 ºC
  • voltage 24 VDC

CL11D - DIN Rail Signal Conditioner

  • signal conditioning from a single strain gauge sensor and from two configurable outputs
  • wide range (125 Hz  - 32 kHz)
  • current or voltage output
  • two relay outputs
  • parameter modification by the user via USB
  • correction of sensor non-linearity
  • taring the signal of conditioner
  • manual quick calibration of conditioner

CL 99 - Terminal box for transducers

Connecting of several weight load cells or force sensors to an amplifier or a measuring instrument.