CL 176 - Window tint meter

  • measuring of glass tinting in vehicles' windows
  • verification of light transmission through glass and other materials, e.g. packaging in food industry
  • high accuracy 
  • ease-to-use 

CL 176RS

The device is a MOT measuring equipment. 
CL 176RS allows to measure and record measurements and to transmit data to the PC or to the printer and print-out of measurement results. 
The CL176 device allows to differentiate measurements through the windscreen or side windows.  

CL 170 - Decelerometer

  • For measuring and recording of braking deceleration
  • Adapter for one-truck vehicles
  • Set includes CL 23

WN 500 - Device for controlling of inertial brake in trailers up to 5 t

  • Suitable for each type of tow hook 

CL 23 / CL 23 M - Force sensor on brake pedal

  • Cooperates with decelerometer
  • Cooperates with roller brake tester
  • Version with magnetic clamp (CL 23M)

CL176 Calibration