Systems based on ZEPWN products and software

To support You in technical items by ordering advanced measurement systems, dedicated software or specials ZEPWN engeeniers are at Your disposal

Introduced systems based on ZEPWN products and software:

1. Software for inspection of diesel locomotives in diagnostic stations ZNTK Kraków, PTK Rybnik, LHS Zamość, PKP Cargo Warszawa. Software allows to measure and record locomotive parameters, e.g.: fuel consumption, peak firing pressure.

2. Software for engine test house of helicopter reaction motors TW2 i TW3. Measurement of pressure, angle, displacement and temperature.

3. Software and measurement systems for locomotives buffers and springs in ZNTK Łapy. Force and displacement measurement.
4. Test stand for vehicle suspension, power units and springs in PIMOT. Measurement of pressure, temperature, force, torque and rotation speed.

5. Portable stand with software for testing equipment to control vehicle suspensions made for Motor Transport Institute (ITS). Used EUSAMA-method.
6. Force standards for calibration of automotive diagnostic devices for ITS.

7. Software for force measurement in wind tunnel made for Military Technical Academy.   
8. Measurement systems and software for testing stand examining ropes strength made for Central Mining Institute. Force and displacement measurement. Software allows to record retionship between object tension force and its extension, further visualisation of this process and measurement data aquisition.
9. Force and displacement measurement system on wicket gates  in water-power plant made for Power Engineering Institute in Warsaw.
10. Laboratory system for testing protection of explosion-proof elements made for coal-mine Barbara. Measurement and recording of explosion pressure.
11. Software for testing dumper springs of rail cars in Warsaw underground.


  • uniwersalny program rejestrujący wielkości analogowe z karty pomiarowej (firmy National Instruments)
  • minimalny krok rejestracji: 0,1 ms dla maksymalnie 8 kanałów, 1 ms dla maksymalnie 16 kanałów  
  • definiowane progi wyzwalania
  • wirtualne wskaźniki
  • zapis i odczyt wyników z pliku tekstowego
  • wizualizacja graficzna 

Program CL_AC_RS

  • umożliwia odczyt wyników z mierników CL300 lub z karty pomiarowej (firmy National Instruments)
  • maksymalna prędkość rejestracji: 10 razy na sekundę
  • wirtualne wskaźniki
  • zapis wyników do pilku tekstowego
  • bez wizualizacji graficznej
  • przekazywany bezpłatnie na życzenie Nabywcy CL300 lub analogowego toru pomiarowego